Orthodontic Treatments

What Are Clear Aligners?

Years of research and trials led to the design of clear aligners from a multilayer medical-grade plastic. The result is a stunningly transparent and resilient aligner that moves teeth effectively. Most people won’t know you’re wearing our aligners since they’re as clear as they get when it comes to clear aligners.
It is essential that orthodontic devices stay on, and Clear aligners are the best at doing just that. In other aligners, they relax and lose their grip over time. It is for this reason that they often add “engagers” (small tooth-colored bumps) to your teeth so that the aligner holds on. Engagers are sometimes needed to move teeth, while others are merely used to keep the aligner in place.
 Clear aligners are specifically designed to move teeth effectively, by using fewer engagers. Clear aligners have been shown to be 2.5x more retentive than aligners with scalloped trim lines because of their smooth flat trimline that extends past your teeth. By eliminating the need for additional engagers, you get a treatment that is effective yet attractive.