Meet Dr. Eric Gartner

As a new dental professional, I wake up every day genuinely excited to go to work.  Having devoted a good majority of my life to becoming a dentist, it is a dream come true to finally get to practice.  In addition, I get to practice with my father at Strafford Dental Associates.  This is the place where I basically grew up.  I was often brought to the office as a child.  In fact, we have patients who remember holding me when I was one week old.  So one could say I was a dentist in training since I was born.  After all these years I could not be more excited to contribute to this practice and this wonderful community as a General Dentist.


I grew up in Malvern and went to school at Great Valley School District.  Since Middle School, I began dreaming of becoming a Dentist and joining the family practice.  In addition to my studies, I enjoyed playing lacrosse.  Upon graduation from Great Valley High School, I had the opportunity to continue both my academic and lacrosse careers at Villanova University.  I graduated from Villanova making the Dean’s List every semester, being chosen to the Big East All-Academic Team every year, and being a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

After Villanova, I had the pleasure of attending the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and being a member of the oldest and most prestigious dental fraternity, Delta Sigma Delta.  At the University of Pennsylvania, I felt as though I was constantly surrounded by some of the best minds and technology in the field.  From the world-renowned faculty who were relentlessly working to enhance my knowledge, to the students who will carry the dental profession into the future, to the always-changing array of the most up-to-date dental equipment, I can truly say I got an education that is second to none.


In addition to the dental profession, my family and friends are the most important part of my life.  I believe that relationships shape who you are as a person more than anything else, so surrounding yourself with genuine people is essential.

Aside from my friends and family, I love sports, but would rather be playing than watching.  I jump at any opportunity to get outside and throw a football or lacrosse ball around, play a round of golf, or hit the slopes.

Two of my other favorite things are more or less universally loved, and they would be food and vacation.  From cookouts to intricate recipes, and hole in the wall places to critically acclaimed restaurants, I love trying pretty much anything.  The same thing goes for hotels and locations.  So if you have tried a great recipe or restaurant lately, or visited an amazing destination, I would love to hear about it.


From an early age, the importance of helping out in the community was instilled in me and to be honest, I have always found it enjoyable.  From helping out at the Paoli Presbyterian Church during the holiday season, to working closely with the athletes at the Villanova Special Olympics, to simply coaching youth lacrosse programs, being able to make other people happy or help them improve is a truly rewarding experience.